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Integrated CRM for Insurance Providers’ and Applicants’ Customers


To enable the insurance providers to sell policies nationwide and support them, the marketplace needed to take care of finer issues owing to the nature of the transaction and industry. The scale of the project and strict timelines added to the complexity of the project.

Disparate platforms for insurance:-

Every insurance provider had his own insurance platform. For a sound integrated marketplace, understanding the intricacies of each of these platforms was important.

Knowledge of the insurance industry:-

To enable customized insurance plans for the prospects through the marketplace integration needed the team to study the health insurance industry in the US and various business models used by different insurance companies.Secured delivery of the financial information

As the marketplace was dealing with sensitive financial information, extra care was required to be taken for the security and footprint of the insurance application.

Thorough Testing:-

The test coverage was set to be the 80% as solution has to deal with information of financial nature. It was challenging to cover these in strict delivery timelines.


CRM as a base:-

The architecture decided to use CRM as the base for building the solution. It was the place from where all actions would happen. The applications first would reach here first, the insurance providers details would be here first, the various insurance products offered, or the customization done would be part of Dynamics CRM product listing first. This system was the backbone of the application and around that everything else was built.

Integrations for insurance providers’ CRM:-

For applications to reach to CRMs of the applied insurance provider, integration bridges were built to each and every providers’ platform. The secured tunnels were provisioned as the sensitive data would be flowing through this from the marketplace to insurance providers.

UI face-lifting:-

Even though the system is relaying the applications to each insurance provider separately, on the front-end prospects see a single application. And this UI needed to be clean and simple to


Stelo Technology decided to divide this project into various phases with specific objectives. Learning standards and formats used by various insurance platforms by the providers, integration of the platforms, building marketplace, testing, and user behavior analysis of the prospects were the important phases of the project.

Stelo Team Divided the Phases:-

  • Requirement gathering and self analysis of similar product from market to under the whole business concept.
  • Building Test plans which include the Test strategy and actions to be performed to achieve the desired results.
  • Building Business and Test Scenarios which covers each functional and test coverage of the product.
  • Test Cases execution across cross platform and capture the bugs into Bug tracking Tools and get all of them closed from Development team.
  • Generate the Various Test reports and Dashboard which show the health of the product to Management.


SteloTechnology successfully Tested the integrated insurance providers application form into the marketplace while understanding the complex systems of the client environment and various insurance companies.