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Choosing the right vendor agency for any startup or small and medium enterprises can be difficult. Working with big agencies will always cost you higher the bigger the overhead expenses resulting in higher project quotes. Besides, of high cost and charges, there is no such thing as a ​ Work-guarantee​ with a 100% certainty.

Companies are struggling to innovate and grow due to a fragmented Quality landscape, constant product evolution and changing consumer preferences make it more difficult to provide superior Quality and seamless experience to their customers, and thus improving their bottom line.

How Stelo Technology
Helps our clients…

We are a team of Experienced, Seasoned and Certified Software Testing & Project management Professionals who help You build Flawless and better IT product with complete Focus on end-users Needs. Our Testing & Project Management consulting helps companies improve products and services, enhance customer experience, enter new markets, and increase revenues.

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Independent Testing & Project Management company with over 15 Years Of Experience.

SteloTechnology offers a comprehensive set of independent software testing & Project Management services to our global clientele in an exceptionally efficacious manner. We strive to offer the best and most cost-efficient services to our clients in a time-bound manner.


SteloTechnology understands that businesses have divergent needs and budgets, and want flexibility with payments and service contracts; We have designed engagement models to address the budget and time constraints of our clients. Whatever their need, we adjust accordingly.

QA & PM Dedicated Team Model.

Pay by the hour / day / week / month.

Testing & Project Management Consulting Model.

We train, guide, and mentor your testers to test better.

Managed Testing Services.

Pay value based on outcomes

Stelo Technology

We run extra miles that vow your success.

We align our goals with your to provide such level of service by which our customers can grow further, so that we can grow too…Focusing on these customer success factors will help us operationalize customer-centricity across our enterprise.

The following key factors help us to achieve the best results


communication among the Team is an essential element for effective collaboration and co-creation of value.


Workplace transparency leads to more productivity in team,which tend to produce great result.


we believe in process oriented approach which directly linked to customer value delivery.