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Secure Mobile Testing to ensure best in class customer experience

With the number of mobile devices surpassing the number of human beings on earth, making your application mobile-ready is key to keeping today’s digital consumers happy.

About 30% of users delete an app after a single use and never reinstall it, which means that all the efforts, time and money spent on the app development were simply in vain. How to reduce this alarming rate? The answer is in quality mobile app testing that we are ready to provide.

As a testing company, we have built our niche in mobile testing services, specifically in testing applications on Android and iOS devices, including a coverage around the human interface guidelines (HIG) for these platforms. We also perform all types of native, web and hybrid mobile apps testing including an optimized mobile test automation approach that accommodates a single test suite both on the mobile and non-mobile versions of the application.

Functional Testing

Verifies that the mobile app functions as specified in design document

Compatibility Testing

Check compatibility across devices, OS,browsers, backward and forward system support

Usability Testing

Ensures that users are able to perform the intended tasts on the app satisfactionity

Security Testing

Verify data integrity,storage issues, tainted inputs and security of activity logs

Performance Testing

Assess responsivness,operating capacity,scalability and readiness of the app

Test Automation

Automation of mobile regression test suites & run them to different devices and simulators

Stelo Technology provides deep experience in Mobile Applications Testing for both functional and non-functional (Manual & Automated) testing of mobile applications. Stelo’s Mobile Testing team of Excellence constitutes of 15+ year of experiance mobile testing professionals. While our Mobile app testers are certified in various commercial & open source mobile testing tools, our test architects & engineers have 15+ years of experience in mobile testing for various domains such as Banking, Insurance, Travel, Retail, and more leveraging industry leading mobile testing tools & best practices.

Our test engineers look into functional and non-functional app features, as well as mobile technology specifics (mobile gestures, numerous operation systems and screen resolutions) and various external factors that may hamper the app work (network conditions, interruptions by calls, SMS and more)

We help our client's to Accelerate time-to-market with Mobile Testing Services:

Achieve end-to-end test coverage & provide a seamless experience using 600+ mobile devices running on different platforms, OSs & versions, screen resolutions, network conditions, carriers, and servers.

The key benefits offered by Stelo Mobile Testing includes:-