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Testing APIs assures that all the data being accessed is properly processed by the API, ensuring better security and compliance testing. Lastly, because API testing occurs prior to any black-box UI related testing, every API defect found may save up to 10 GUI defects later in the project!

At Stelo Technology we offer a wide range of top-notch API Testing services to ensure a highly robust software application for your business. Our well-trained and highly experienced professional testers make sure that with our industry-standard API testing, your application meets the needs and requirements for your target audience.

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Our API testing strategy helps clients prioritize business-critical APIs, create self-contained test cases, categorize test cases, include API declarations, plan call sequencing and ensure wide coverage to make CI/CD DevOps practice a success.API Testing Methodology
Stelo Technology has over 15 years of QA & testing experience. In that time, we have developed a systematic approach that ensures the key aspects of an overall test program are addressed. We work on baseline, strategy, development, and execution to provide best quality to our client.