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 Automating Retail Regression Testing Chain

Retail Regression Testing

Stelo Technology is a leader in providing Retail Regression Testing services. This case study highlights the automation of regression tests for software applications used by a retail chain using Playwright.

Challenge for Retail Regression Testing

Retail chain faced major challenges due to frequent software updates that led to regression problems, which negatively affected the overall stability of application. To maintain a stable, reliable application, it was important to thoroughly validate all functionalities following each update.

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Stelo Technology has implemented automated regression tests using Playwright. Our team created comprehensive test scripts that validated all critical functionality after each update to ensure new changes didn’t introduce regression issues.

Useful Tools

  • Playwright for automating regression testing
  • Selenium: for complementary testing to cover other scenarios
  • Jenkins: Continuous Integration and seamless deployment
  • Git: Version control and management for test scripts, code and other files

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The automated regression testing strategy we used has led to significant improvements.

  • Automated testing has helped to reduce regression issues by 60%.
  • Software Updates are Validated Faster: The validation process was streamlined through automation, which enabled faster and more efficient updates.
  • Stability of the Application: Consistent testing, validation and monitoring ensured that an application was stable and reliable. This improved user experience.

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The conclusion of the article is:

Stelo Technology’s regression testing services allowed the retail chain’s application to be stable and reliable software updates were delivered efficiently. Our advanced tools and strategic approach ensured thorough validation. This reduced regression issues, and enhanced overall application performance.

We helped our client to achieve its quality goals by implementing a structured, automated regression testing strategy. This ensured that every software update would be stable and reliable.

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