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Automate Telecom QA

Stelo Technology is a leader in automated testing. This case study details the work we did with a telecommunications firm to Automate Telecom QA processes by using Playwright.

Challenges in Automate Telecom QA

The company was faced with the challenge of managing the complexity and volume of its software applications. The telecommunications company needed to automate its QA processes in order to maintain high software quality and ensure comprehensive, efficient testing.


Stelo Technology automated the testing of Playwright for functional, performance and regression tests. Our team developed detailed test scripts for comprehensive validation of all aspects of software applications.

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Useful Tools

  • Playwright automates functional, performance and regression testing
  • Selenium: for additional automation that covers more scenarios
  • Jenkins: Continuous Integration for seamless and consistent Testing
  • Bamboo: Automate the deployment process to streamline releases


The automated testing strategy we used has led to significant improvements.

  • Test Time Reduced by 50%: Automation has reduced the testing time significantly, allowing for faster validation and releases.
  • Increased Software Reliability and Quality: Comprehensive automated tests ensured higher software reliability and quality, while reducing defects.
  • Faster time-to market: The company’s competitive advantage was boosted by efficient testing processes.

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The conclusion of the article is:

Stelo Technology’s automated testing services allowed the telecommunications firm to efficiently handle complex QA processes, delivering higher-quality software quicker. Our use of advanced automation software and our strategic approach ensured thorough testing, reduced test time and improved overall quality.

We helped our client meet their quality assurance objectives by implementing a robust testing strategy. This ensured high-performance software applications that met the needs of their expanding user base.

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