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Improving User Experience in a Delaware-based Gaming Startup

Improving User Experience in a Delaware-based Gaming Startup

Stelo Technology has partnered with an exciting Delaware-based Gaming Startup. The startup had high user churn due to frequent software bugs and poor performance. This impacted the overall gaming experience.

Challenge for Delaware-based Gaming Startup

The gaming startup faced a number of critical challenges

  • Software Glitches Bugs and performance issues which negatively impact the user’s experience.
  • User interface issues: The need to improve user interfaces (UI) in order to increase usability and engagement.
  • Improving Performance and User Interface without Slowing Down the Development and Release Process: Improving speed and quality.


Delaware-based Gaming Startup
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Stelo Technology developed a customized game testing automation framework to simulate real-user interactions and meet the startup’s challenges.

  1. Automated Game Testing:
    • Automated scripts were developed to mimic real-world user interactions in order to detect and fix glitches.
    • Stress and load tests were performed using advanced tools, to ensure the game was able to handle heavy traffic and complex user activity.
  2. User interface Testing:
    • Tested the UI extensively to identify areas of improvement for usability and engagement.
    • Automated UI testing was implemented to ensure consistency on different devices and screen sizes.
  3. Continuous integration and testing:
    • Continuous testing was integrated into the development pipeline in order to get real-time feedback on new updates and make sure they don’t introduce any new issues.
    • Tests both manually and automatically to ensure thorough coverage and rapid issue resolution.

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Stelo Technology’s customized game testing automation frameworks have led to significant improvements in the gaming startup.

  • Improved Performance of Games: The optimization of performance and the resolution of software bugs resulted in an improved gaming experience.
  • Reduced Churn Rates: Improved game performance and an improved user interface have led to a reduction in the churn rate of users.
  • Increased User Engagement: The improved usability and reliability of led to a higher level of user engagement and increased playtime.


The gaming startup in Delaware was able to improve its user experience with the help of Stelo Technology’s automated game testing frameworks. The startup was able to increase engagement and reduce user churn by improving the game performance and user interface.

This partnership helped the gaming startup achieve sustained success and grow in the competitive gaming market.

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