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Quality Improvement for a Dubai AI Startup

Dubai AI Startup

Stelo Technology has partnered with an Dubai AI Startup that specializes in AI-driven analytical tools. The startup wanted to provide advanced analytics powered by artificial intelligence but had difficulty ensuring that their AI features were intuitive and accurate.

Challenge for Dubai AI Startup

The AI startup faced a number of challenges, including:

  • Intuitive use: Making complex AI features user-friendly so that end users can navigate them without extensive training.
  • Accuracy in AI Outputs Maintaining high precision and accuracy of AI-driven analytics for reliable and actionable insight.
  • Customer Satisfaction Improving overall experience and satisfaction of users to drive adoption and retention.


Stelo Technology has implemented a comprehensive manual test approach to evaluate the usability of AI outputs and their functional correctness.

  1. Usability testing:
    • Manually test the AI features to determine their user interface and experience.
    • To identify areas that could be made intuitive or simpler, gather feedback from users.
  2. Functional Test:
    • Manually test the AI algorithms’ outputs to ensure they are accurate.
    • Validated the accuracy of the results using benchmarks, and expected outcomes.
  3. User Feedback Integration:
    • The AI tools are continuously improved by collecting and analysing user feedback.
    • The testing process was updated based on user feedback, ensuring that all concerns were promptly addressed.

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Stelo Technology implemented a detailed manual testing method to improve the AI startup’s performance.

  • Improved Accuracy The AI-driven analytics have been rigorously tested to ensure that they are accurate and reliable, increasing the credibility of insights.
  • Improved Usability: User feedback and usability testing resulted in an intuitive and user-friendly user interface. This made the AI features complex more accessible for end users.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction The improvements to accuracy and usability have led to an increase in customer satisfaction, enhanced product adoption and business growth.

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The Tengah-based AI company achieved significant improvements in the quality of their AI-driven analytical tools through Stelo Technology’s manual testing. This partnership led to increased accuracy and usability which improved customer satisfaction and product adoption. This partnership positioned the startup to achieve sustained success and growth on the competitive AI analytics markets.

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