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Enhancing Ecomm App Quality for a Leading E-commerce Company

Ecomm App Quality

Stelo Technology is a leading independent testing agency that delivers comprehensive QA services to organizations. Our mission is for clients to be able to achieve superior quality software without the setup costs and hassles. This case study highlights the collaboration we had with a leading e-commerce firm to improve the Ecomm App Quality by using Playwright.

Challenge for Ecomm App Quality

Challenge for Ecomm App Quality

This e-commerce firm faced significant problems with its mobile application. These included frequent crashes, poor performance and inconsistent user experience across devices. The problems affected their customers’ overall satisfaction and shopping experience. The company required a robust solution for testing to ensure that their users had a reliable and seamless shopping experience.

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Stelo Technology developed a structured test strategy using Playwright. Our team of experts designed automated test scripts that addressed critical functionalities, metrics and cross-device compatibility. This ensured thorough testing of high-quality performance in all user scenarios.

Useful Tools

  • Playwright : for robust automated testing
  • JIRA for efficient issue tracking
  • Jenkins for continuous Integration and Deployment
  • BrowserStack: For comprehensive cross-browser testing

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The testing strategy we used has resulted in significant improvements.

  • Reduction of App Crashes by 40%: Automated tests identified and resolved critical issues, leading to a significant reduction in app crashes.
  • Improved Performance of Apps: Optimizations, thorough testing and extensive testing have led to improved app performance on all devices. This ensures a smoother experience for the user.
  • Improved User Experience: Improvements in performance and reliability have increased customer satisfaction.

The conclusion of the article is:

Stelo Technology’s expertise and focused approach in automated testing enabled our client’s to achieve its quality goals. Our collaboration resulted in a smooth, reliable experience for mobile apps. This improved customer satisfaction and enhanced the performance of the app.

We helped the ecommerce company to deliver a seamless, high-quality shopping experience for their users by leveraging cutting edge tools and a tested strategy.

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