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Enhancing Manual Testing for a Software Development Company

Enhancing Manual Testing for a Software Development Company

Stelo Technology offers top-tier Enhancing Manual Testing services. This case study examines our partnership to improve the manual testing process of a software company.

Challenge in Enhancing Manual Testing

Clients faced difficulties with inconsistent manual testing procedures, which led to missed defects and delays in releases. It was important to improve the consistency and efficiency in their testing processes, as this would ensure better software quality and faster releases.


Stelo Technology simplified manual testing by creating detailed test cases, and provided comprehensive training to the client’s staff. In addition, Playwright scripts were used to supplement manual testing, which ensured thorough validation and efficiency.

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Useful Tools

  • Playwright : for creating automated test scripts that support manual testing
  • TestRail : for managing and organizing test cases
  • JIRA – For effective issue tracking and resolution
  • Confluence : for comprehensive documentation and collaborative work


We have seen significant improvements in our approach:

  • Defect Detection Rate Increased by 35%: Improved testing processes and thorough verification led to an increased rate of defect detection.
  • Faster Releases and Reduced Testing: Automation and streamlined processes reduced the testing time.
  • Improved Testing Consistency and Dependability: The detailed test cases and the training improved manual testing’s consistency and reliability.

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The conclusion of the article is:

Stelo Technology’s manual testing expertise helped the client to achieve efficient and consistent testing processes. This improved overall software quality. Playwright and detailed manual testing combined with our strategic approach ensured thorough validation, faster software releases, and more reliable software.

We helped the client improve their software testing process by leveraging structured testing strategies and advanced tools. This resulted in higher detection rates of defects, faster release times, and better quality software.

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