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5 Factors To Consider While Choosing Software Testing Partner.

While Choosing Software Testing Partner.
Here we are discussing the important things you need to consider while choosing your software testing partner –
software testing

  1. Past Experience

A reputed software testing vendor must have an impressive portfolio highlighting their experience. A company with experience in similar kinds of projects or similar industries indicates their comprehensive knowledge and ability to comprehend your requirements easily. 

Further, robust past experience will also allow them to find quick and easy solutions if they run into any kind of issue during the process of testing.

 2. Background Checking

The market today is full of software testing vendors who would promise great rates, best tools, finest quality, quick turnaround time, and more. But, many of these are just gimmicks, making it important to do thorough scrutiny of the vendor, their clientele, reviews, returning clients, etc.

Another important thing to check is whether your chosen partner is doing the work themselves or subcontracting it to another vendor.

 3. Well-defined Service-level Agreement (SLA)

A detailed and well-defined SLA acts as a blueprint that sees the project from start to end. It ideally would include the timelines, milestones, summary of the project, communication pattern, and other important aspects. 

SLA acts as a legally binding document to safeguard the interest of both parties and will also have a guideline for the processes to be followed in different situations.

It is also important to make sure that your SLA should have the following items –

  • Process compliance
  • Entire reporting and project management timelines
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Core business know-how
  • Various product quality measures, such as defect reporting, test case efficiency, traceability, and more

 4. Domain Expertise

Picking a software testing partner with resources, but limited expertise in your domain could be a disaster for your overall service delivery timeline. This will also slow down the execution and end quality of the product. Therefore, we recommend hiring an expert CTO as a service provider who can offer faster results in testing along with suggestions on improvements in the process flow and design.

When selecting a QA software testing company, it is also important to ask various questions to be able to identify the right service provider. Some of these questions include –

  • Does the software testing vendor hold relevant experience?
  • Are your requirements matching up with the proficiency of QA outsourcing vendors?
  • Does your software testing partner have all the client-communication procedures in place?
  • Does your test automation partner have all the resources readily available to meet your needs?

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 5. Robust Communication

There are times when communication barriers between a client and outsourced software testing partner create a complete roadblock in the work to be done. A proper communication strategy is, therefore, another critical factor to consider when choosing a vendor for software testing.

It is very important to establish a proper communication channel between the involved parties, along with a list of items to be exchanged between the two for each area of work. Also, make sure to set clear communication goals with your outsourced partner so that there aren’t any issues between you and the vendor at a later stage.

Put simply, an effective communication model generally incorporates the following factors:

  • Escalation
  • Reporting
  • Issue Resolution

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