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Streamlining product Faster Releases for a Healthcare Startup based in Sharjah

Faster Releases

Stelo Technology partnered with a dynamic startup in Sharjah, that specializes in healthcare technology. The startup faced significant challenges to ensure regulatory compliance and maintain software reliability in the context of a Faster Releases schedule.

Due to the critical nature of health technology, it was important that software solutions were delivered quickly and in high quality.

Challenge faced for Faster Releases

Challenge faced for Faster Releases

The healthcare startup had to navigate an increasingly complex regulatory environment while also ensuring that their software was secure and reliable. They faced a number of challenges, including:

  • Regulatory compliance: To meet the stringent regulations in healthcare, extensive testing and validating processes were required.
  • Software reliability: Ensure that the software is bug-free, reliable and secure to prevent any potential risk to patient safety.
  • Release Schedule – Fast: Balance the need for thorough product testing with the requirement of rapid release to remain competitive on the market.

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Stelo Technology developed a comprehensive strategy for addressing these challenges. This included implementing automated testing strategies aligned to healthcare standards and practices of continuous integration.

  1. Customized Automated Testing:
    • Customized automation scripts focusing on specific healthcare regulations.
    • Automated regression testing is used to verify that any new code changes do not introduce bugs in the system.
  2. Alignment of Compliance:
    • Ensured all testing processes are in strict compliance with standards for healthcare such as HIPAA or HL7.
    • Update the testing framework regularly to reflect changes in regulatory requirements.
  3. Continuous Integration (CI):
    • Create a robust CI Pipeline that allows for continuous testing of code and integration.
    • Automated tests are integrated into the CI pipeline, providing immediate feedback on code compliance and quality.

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Implementing these strategies led to significant improvements in the healthcare startup.

  • Increased Compliance Rate The automated testing was tailored to ensure that all software releases met regulatory requirements, reducing the risk for non-compliance penalties.
  • Faster time to market: The CI pipe and automated testing decreased the overall testing times, allowing startups to release new features more quickly.
  • Robust product offerings: Continuous integration and testing practices improved the reliability and security of the software. This resulted in robust and secure products for the end users.


The Sharjah-based healthcare technology startup was able to overcome regulatory hurdles, improve software reliability and accelerate their product release cycle by using Stelo Technology’s continuous integration and automation testing strategies. The collaboration improved the startup’s rate of compliance and also helped them establish themselves as a competitive player on the healthcare technology market.

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