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Streamlining Functional Testing for a Healthcare Software Provider

Streamlining Functional Testing

Stelo Technology specializes in providing high-quality QA services. This case study highlights the work we did with a software provider in healthcare to improve the functionality and reliability of their software applications.

Challenge faced by Healthcare Software Provider

Challenge faced by Healthcare Software Provider

Software bugs and errors were a major problem for the healthcare software provider. These issues affected user satisfaction and trust, requiring a comprehensive software testing solution.


Stelo Technology used Playwright’s functional testing automation to address these challenges. Our team of experts created detailed test scripts and scenarios to cover all key functionalities. This ensured thorough validation and reliable performance.

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Useful Tools

  • Playwright for automating functional tests
  • TestRail for managing test cases
  • Jenkins: Continuous Integration and seamless Deployment
  • Azure DevOps: For effective project management

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The testing strategy we used resulted in significant improvements.

  • Reduced Software Bugs by 50%: Automated functional tests have reduced software bugs significantly, improving the quality of the software.
  • Faster Release Cycles: Automation has streamlined the testing processes, allowing for quicker and more efficient releases.
  • Improved Software Reliability & User Satisfaction: Thorough testing and a reduction in errors have led to improved reliability and boosted user satisfaction.

The conclusion of the article is:

Stelo Technology’s functional testing expertise enabled the healthcare provider to deliver high quality software. Our focus and advanced tools allowed us to validate software thoroughly, which resulted in increased reliability, user satisfaction and trust.

We helped our client to achieve its quality goals by implementing a structured, automated testing strategy. This ensured robust, reliable software applications.

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