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User Accessibility Testing of a Louisville Startup Tests

Louisville Startup Tests

Stelo Technology collaborated with an innovative social media Louisville Startup Tests, dedicated to creating an inclusive platform that could accommodate users with both physical and cognitive disabilities – so everyone could engage and connect seamlessly. But these challenges posed difficult constraints to the project’s growth.

The social media startup faced several key challenges during its formation process, primarily:

Compliance: Ensuring that their platform met all applicable accessibility standards such as those provided in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Inclusivity: Ensuring that the platform was user-friendly for individuals of various physical and cognitive abilities was of critical importance for ensuring an inclusive user experience on its platform. Balancing these needs was crucial to fulfilling its mission of inclusivity and ensuring broad user engagement. With an inclusive solution in place, these requirements could easily be fulfilled by this startup’s platform.

Stelo Technology developed an all-encompassing solution consisting of:

Manual Accessibility Testing: Stelo Technology implemented extensive manual testing on their platform in order to assess its compliance with established accessibility standards, testing various aspects such as screen reader compatibility, keyboard navigation, color contrast, and text-to-speech functionalities.

User Experience Evaluation: Assessing the platform from different users with different disabilities to identify any potential barriers or usability issues that might exist on it.

Enhancements Based on Testing Results: Implementing necessary improvements based on testing results, such as adding alt text for images, streamlining navigation flow and improving overall usability. 

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Our Results for Louisville Startup Tests

Results of this collaboration were extremely successful: Increased Accessibility Features: The platform saw significant upgrades to accessibility features that made it more usable by individuals with various disabilities.

Inclusive User Experience: With these changes in place, people with different abilities could engage more readily with the platform.

Expanded User Base: Thanks to enhanced accessibility, the startup was able to attract a broader user base, including those who previously faced difficulties using social media platforms.

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Stelo Technology assisted a Louisville-based social media startup in creating an inclusive platform through rigorous manual accessibility testing and targeted enhancements, which resulted in improved accessibility features, more inclusive user experiences, and an expansion in user base – all meeting its goal of cultivating inclusivity and bonding between users.

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