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Optimizing Fintech Performance Testing Startup

Fintech Performance Testing

Stelo Technology empowers its clients to create high-performance software. This case study is about our collaboration with a Fintech startup in order to optimize the performance of their application.

Challenge in Fintech Performance Testing

Challenge in Fintech Performance Testing

Fintech startup faced significant performance bottlenecks at peak times. This negatively affected user experience and transaction speed. It was important to address these issues in order to maintain customer satisfaction and ensure efficient operations.


Stelo Technology used Playwright for automated performance testing. Our team simulated different load conditions in order to identify performance issues.

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Useful Tools

  • Playwright: For automating performance testing
  • JMeter is a tool for load testing that simulates different user conditions.
  • Grafana: A tool for monitoring performance metrics
  • AWS: Cloud-based testing for scalability, reliability and scalability


The performance of our testing strategy has improved significantly:

  • We improved transaction speeds by 30%.
  • Reduced Performance Bottlenecks : Thorough testing, optimization and other efforts have minimized performance issues to ensure smoother operations.
  • Enhancing User Experience during Peak Times: The optimizations have resulted in an improved user experience even during periods of high traffic.

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The conclusion of the article is:

Stelo Technology assisted the fintech start-up in optimizing their application through focused performance testing. This ensured smooth and efficient operation. Our expertise and strategic approach in performance testing allowed the client to improve transaction speeds, reduce bottlenecks and increase user satisfaction at peak usage times.

We provided the fintech company with insights and solutions to help them maintain high performance, reliability and ultimately support their growth.

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