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Optimizing Release cycles for a Alaska SaaS provider

Optimizing Release cycles for a Alaska SaaS provider

Stelo Technology collaborated with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) startup based in Alaska, India for Optimizing Release cycles. The startup had to maintain software quality in the face of frequent updates and rapid features releases.

The startup’s need to be fast often clashed with its requirement for thorough testing. This led to some disruptions and dissatisfaction from users.


The main challenges that SaaS providers face include:

  • Rapid Releases: Need to roll out new features quickly to remain competitive on the market.
  • Thorough testing: Ensure that all new updates are thoroughly tested in order to prevent bugs and disruptions.
  • Consistent quality: Maintaining a high level of software quality in all releases, to provide a reliable experience for the user.

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Solution for Optimizing Release cycles

Stelo Technology developed a continuous-testing framework based on a hybrid model of onsite and offshore to effectively address these challenges.

  1. Continuous Testing Framework:
    • Created a pipeline for continuous testing that integrates with the startup’s development processes.
    • The automated testing scripts created were used to test new features, and to perform regression tests to ensure that existing functionality was not affected.
  2. Hybrid on-site/offshore model:
    • The team worked closely with the start-up to ensure that they understood their specific needs and requirements.
    • Offshore teams offered round-the clock testing services. They took advantage of time zone differences in order to achieve continuous progress and quicker turnaround times.
  3. Manual and Automation Testing:
    • A balanced approach was implemented, combining automated testing for routine checks with manual testing for scenarios that are more complex.
    • Update test cases regularly to reflect new features and changes within the software.

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Stelo Technology implemented its continuous testing framework, which includes a hybrid on-site/offshore model. This resulted in significant improvement for the SaaS Provider:

  • Consistently High Quality: Thorough and continuous testing ensured each release met high quality standards and reduced the number of bugs.
  • Faster release cycles: A hybrid model allows for 24/7 testing, which accelerates the overall release cycle. It also enables a quicker time to market for new features.
  • Increased Customer Retention : The improved software quality and reliability resulted in increased customer satisfaction and an improved market position.


Stelo Technology optimized the release cycle for the Alaska-based SaaS company by implementing a continuous test framework utilizing a hybrid on-site-offshore model. This partnership led to improved quality, faster release cycles and increased customer retention.

It also helped position the startup for sustainable growth and success on the competitive SaaS marketplace.

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