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QA Outsourcing Approach

QA Outsourcing Approach

A one stop destination for all your quality assurance and software testing requirements. We offer a variety of services ranging from automation testing, Quality Assurance outsourcing consulting services or independent testing solutions. Our highly efficient team with expert knowledge in Quality assurance, that delivers testing services in less time with customized and scalable solutions.

QA testing services lets you reduce your run – time errors and optimize the performance. Premium QA Outsourcing Approach services offered by HikeQA are fed with maximum test result cases in order to certify the software and applications with increased scalability and without any bugs or defects.

Stelo Technology provides a full range of QA Outsourcing Approach Services, that includes:

  • Quality Assurance assessment
  • Fool proof planning
  • Test architecture and methodology
  • Mobile App Compatibility testing
  • Test automation
  • Testing case development
  • Functional testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Test compatibility with different systems

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With us, you get a customised approach to your Quality Assurance demands and requirements for better performance of your software. Our highly talented and experienced team conducts all necessary testing that is essential to provide a great user interface and thereby an awesome user experience for your application.

With our flexible services model, you retain complete control to stop or increase your testing frequency and change the schedule of your software testing outsourcing.

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