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What is an Edge Case in Software Testing?

What is an Edge Case in Software Testing?

If you want to create a successful web product, extensive testing of an application is necessary, and edge testing is crucial. A missed Stelo case scenario can be a deal breaker because edge case in software testing can be challenging to create.

Edge case test cases are those scenarios that have had their applicability to maximum and minimum conditions validated for boundary conditions or in severe settings. We test edge cases, or unusual, unanticipated, or unplanned characteristics of the requirements.

One of the most prevalent examples of an edge case in software testing is when a bill-generating programme abruptly crashes due to high user traffic despite several attempts.

Edge Case in Software Testing

 Edge Case in Software Testing

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Another example of an Edge case is when audio continues to play in the background even after a video streaming window has been closed.

There may be occasions when a big amount of data is available, yet thorough testing cannot be done because of time or financial restrictions. We employ boundary value analysis testing and equivalence partitioning approaches in this instance.

Boundary Value Analysis: 

Boundary values are the primary inputs that the tester concentrates on. When there is a belief that the test cases may fail at the upper and lower ranges of input data values, and there is a sufficient amount of test data available, this technique is applied.

Equivalence Partitioning: 

When a huge dataset is split up into smaller pieces, this technique is used. A chunk may be used for evaluation if any random value from it is passed, and vice versa.

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Note: The distinction between corner cases and edge cases is slight. A scenario that is analysed at maximum or minimum is referred to as an edge case. When numerous parameters are examined collectively at high levels, this is a corner case.

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