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Empowering Georgia’s E-commerce platform through automation testing

Empowering Georgia's E-commerce platform through automation testing

Stelo Technology worked with a rapidly-growing E-commerce platform in Georgia, India to solve critical performance and scalability issues. The startup faced many challenges as it grew exponentially. These included managing the high traffic volume and providing a seamless experience for users during peak hours.

Challenge for E-commerce Platform

The ecommerce platform had to be able to handle the increased workload without compromising performance or user experience. The main challenges were:

  • Scalability Issues : A platform must be able to handle an increasing number of users, transactions and other factors without compromising performance.
  • Performance bottlenecks: Ensure that the website remains fast and responsive even during periods of high traffic such as holidays and sales events.
  • Seamless Experience: Maintaining an uninterrupted and smooth shopping experience for the users, no matter the load on the systems.


Stelo Technology developed a comprehensive automation testing solution that is scalable and designed to handle heavy load and test the platform’s functionality. The solution consisted of:

  1. Scalable Automated Testing:
    • The platform’s scaling was tested by developing and deploying automation scripts to simulate high traffic volumes.
    • Use load testing to identify performance bottlenecks, and areas that need improvement.
  2. Performance testing:
    • Tested the platform extensively to determine its response time, stability and reliability in different load conditions.
    • Stress testing is implemented to determine the system’s breaking point, and to ensure that it can recover gracefully in high traffic scenarios.
  3. Continuous monitoring and optimization:
    • Set up tools for continuous monitoring to track platform performance in real time, allowing you to detect and resolve issues immediately.
    • Review and optimize the infrastructure of the platform to increase performance and scale.

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Stelo Technology’s automated testing strategy and performance optimization strategy has resulted in significant platform improvements.

  • Scalability: The platform now supports a much higher traffic volume without performance degradation. The platform will continue to provide a smooth shopping experience even during peak hours.
  • Improved User Experience – Thanks to the improved performance and reliability, users enjoyed a seamless and responsive shopping experience. This resulted in higher customer satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Sales increased: Customers were more likely to complete their purchases due to the improved platform stability and user experience.

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Stelo Technology helped the Georgia-based ecommerce startup overcome its performance and scalability challenges by deploying scalable automation testing. The partnership led to a platform that was more reliable and robust, capable of handling large traffic volumes, and delivering an excellent user experience. This ultimately drove increased sales and business expansion.

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