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Mobile App Automation for an International Automate FinTech App

Automate Fintech App

This case study is about mobile app testing. We will explore how we met the automation testing needs of an International FinTech Giant to Automate FinTech App.

The Need – Automate Fintech App

Our client created a fantastic mobile app for their customers to effortlessly handle their accounts, pay bills, transfer money, and more through their network. While their in-house testing team successfully conducted manual tests on the app, they encountered numerous difficulties when attempting to automate the testing process. 

Hence, they are seeking a reliable Mobile App Testing Company that can cater to all their automation requirements and collaborate effectively with their internal team.

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Overcoming the Automation Challenges –

The app had many features and functions that involved money. So, we made over 500 test cases to test it well. We ran tests on Android and iOS at the same time to find bugs early and save time. We ran all the automated tests on the client’s remote machines. We fully integrated JIRA to make issues for failed tests and to update test status with proof of test.

An Extensive POC –

Because their internal team encountered many automation challenges, the client was initially hesitant. They asked for a detailed POC exceeding 5 test cases for Android & iOS. To build trust, we showcased a comprehensive project overview, including key features like JIRA integration to update test results with solid proof of execution.

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Reduced Testing Time & Enhanced 

Bug Management – Improving Efficiency in Testing Process

  • Reduced testing time by implementing parallel test execution on Android and iOS platforms.
  • Automated updates in JIRA for test case execution status and proof of execution.
  • Automated issue creation in JIRA for bug fixing.
  • Ensured no impact on execution of other test cases in case of failure.
  • Diverse Recharge & Payment Options
  • Variety of payment options available.

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Test Execution on an In-House Machine –

To meet the client’s request, we scripted and conducted our automation tests on their internal systems. To address the multitude of challenges associated with automating tests on a remote machine, we crafted the scripts on a local machine using a VPN, and subsequently transferred them to the in-house machines.

Sign-Off Document –

They set up tests on their machines. Then, they just needed a sign-off to run automation. So, we created a sign-off document at the project’s end.

 It included key automation information- 

This covered the framework, modules, job description, tools, and languages. Also, it provided clear execution instructions.

Future Plans – The client loved our work and hired us for more projects. We are currently running automated tests on their web application for administrators.

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